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2017-07-05 05:58

Yesterday I had dinner with an Australian teacher and his wife at L'Auberge De L'ill in Midland Square. I had wanted to take them there a few months ago, however it was fully booked, as it was the weekend. We can have a gorgeous dinner at hotel restaurants, but my husband prefers L'Auberge nowadays as he likes the fancy atmosphere.
My teacher's wife told her husband that she enjoyed speaking to me, and she was interested in getting to know me better.
It was nice to catch up on the news of their trips to Australia and their upcoming plans.

Hier, j'ai dîné avec un ami australien et sa femme à L'Auberge De L'ill à Midland Square. J'avais voulu les y emmener il y a quelques mois, mais c'était complet car c'était le week-end. Nous avons pu faire un bon dîner au Kanko Hotel, mais mon mari préfèrerait L'Auberge aujourd'hui.
La femme de mon ami lui a dit qu'elle aimait bien me parler, et qu'elle voulait mieux me connaître.
C'était agréable d'entendre les dernières nouvelles de leurs voyages en Australie et de leurs prochains projets.