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2017-07-06 05:46

Yesterday morning, I left my house earlier than usual to accompany my father to the hospital in Nagoya. I thought the roads would be crowded because of yesterday's heavy rain due to the effects of Typhoon No 3.
Even though I only slept three and a half hours last night, I managed to arrive in my hometown safely, but I was almost falling asleep in the waiting room of the hospital. Also, since yesterday,

I've been struggling to make sense of my friend's words, which sounded a little aloof, and she seemed to be upset with me, but now I think I have figured it out. I didn't take what she said seriously, and she had thought that I made fun of what she had said.

Hier matin, je suis partie de chez moi plus tôt que d'habitude pour accompagner mon père à l'hôpital à Nagoya, parce qu'il pleuvait des cordes à cause du typhon n 3.
Même si je n'ai dormi que 3 heures 30, j'ai pu conduire en toute sécurité, mais je suis presque tombée de sommeil dans la salle d'attente.

Récemment, ce n'était pas intentionnel, mais j'ai fâché un ami. Jusqu'à il y peu je ne parvenais pas à comprendre pourquoi.