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2017-07-09 06:05


Yesterday evening I went to a tap dance show, and enjoyed the active and powerful performances for a while. They danced and moved lightly, and the silhouettes looked beautiful.
I weigh only 80 pounds normally, at most 85 pounds, and supple enough to do calisthenics. but I haven't tried any kinds of dances in my life except in a disco with my former Canadian teacher when I was younger. There were so many people in the audience, I was a few hundred meters away from the entrance in a logjam, even though I got there early.

Recently my German teacher looked sad when he said that he has been restraining himself from drinking beer, because he has built up fat around his waist these days.
In the lesson, I was learning some German words related to restaurants, so he showed me pictures of various types of European beer, but he looked a little sad as he can't drink them nowadays.
I felt frustrated because I didn't know how to encourage him in German, and I wanted to say that his spare tire is nothing to worry about, as long as he is healthy.

Récemment, mon professeur d'allemand semblait triste quand il a dit qu'il devait surveiller sa consommation de bière, car il a accumulé de la graisse autour de sa taille ces jours-ci.
Pendant la leçon, j'apprenais quelques mots allemands liés aux restaurants, alors il m'a montré des photos de différentes bières européennes, mais il avait l'air un peu triste car maintenant il ne peut plus en boire comme il le voudrait.
Je me sentais impatiente parce que je ne savais pas comment l'encourager en allemand, je voulais lui dire que la bedaine n'est pas grave pourvu qu'il soit en bonne santé.