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2017-09-05 05:59


Two days ago, my husband couldn't come back home even though he was already just around the corner, only about 100 meters from our house, because there was a terrible car accident near my house.
It involved two of my elderly neighbors and unfortunately one of them passed away. The 86 year old victim was riding a bicycle, and was hit by an 88 year old man. We all know that the elderly shouldn't drive, even if they are healthy, but unfortunatelye those kinds of cases happen everywhere.
As we get older our senses get worse, and it's probably best to stop driving by the time we turn 80. My father stopped driving when he was 83 years old, and turned his license in. He says he needed a lot of courage to do that.

Il y a deux jours, mon mari a dû attendre sur le chemin du retour, à cause d'un accident de voiture. Une de nos connaissance (86 ans) qui rentrait chez lui en vélo a été heurté par un automobiliste (88 ans), malheureusement la personne est morte suite à ses blessures.
Mon père a cessé de conduire lorsqu'il avait 83 ans et a rendu son permis, il a dit qu'il a eu besoin d'une montagne de courage pour le faire.