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2017-10-14 05:59


This Sunday, I am going to go to a piano concert in Tokyo with my son. His piano teacher gave him two tickets for her concert, so I don’t want to miss it.
I was impressed by her performance a few years ago when I went to her concert for the first time. She was attractive then, and she still is. She is also still very young. I really admired her that day.
My son has another piano teacher who teaches jazz, as his other teacher told him she only teaches classics even though he wanted to learn jazz as well. As a result my son has two piano teachers now. Going to two lessons must keep him busy.

Ce dimanche, je vais aller à un concert de piano à Tokyo avec mon fils. Son professeur de piano lui a donné deux billets pour son concert, alors je ne veux pas le rater.
J'ai été impressionnée par sa performance il y a quelques années quand je suis allée la voir pour la première fois. Elle est attirante, et très jeune, je l'ai adorée ce jour-là.
Mon fils a un autre professeur de piano qui lui enseigne le jazz, car elle lui a dit qu'elle ne l'enseignait pas. Il a de la chance d'avoir de bons professeurs de piano, mais prendre deux leçons doit le tenir occupé.