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2017-10-24 06:03


I had to spend about an hour sending some money yesterday. I was hoping to avoid one of the employees there, because I don’t like his character.
I’ve always thought that people who are not so great looking tend to be nice and warm to make up for their lack of looks, or sometimes they make self-deprecating jokes to prevent someone else from making fun of them first.
But the man in the bank is neither tall nor handsome, but he is arrogant, and not that polite, not only with me but with other clients as well.
I think it is because he doesn’t want to be taken lightly, and he hates to be looked down upon because of his size and build. This is also one of the ways to guard against abuse. Like they say, "The best defense is a strong offense."

Je pense toujours que les gens qui ne sont pas si beaux ont tendance à être gentils et aimables pour compenser leur manque de look, ou parfois ils font des blagues pour se protéger avant que quelqu'un ne les taquine.
Mais je connais un homme qui n'est ni grand ni beau, mais arrogant et pas si poli.
Je pense que c'est parce qu'il veut éviter qu’on se moque de lui,
il déteste être rabaissé à cause de son apparence.