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2017-11-11 06:03


The day before yesterday, it was already midnight, but I had only watched the first half of the movie “BARBARA." I could have stayed up later, but I stopped the DVD.
I usually have an impression that Western women are strong-minded, stubborn, aggressive, and opinionated from those movies.
A friend of mine who speaks German said the same thing, but added that Japanese women are also strong nowadays. She also said that German womens' characters are not the same. It is beyond my imagination.
In the movie the female doctor, Barbara gives up going to the west, instead she let a young girl go, as the boat was only big enough for one person to escape from the country. Because of her new love, responsibility as a doctor, and her gentle heart which we can tell from her rigid appearance, she makes the decision to stay in East Germany.
Hier, il était déjà minuit mais je n'avais regardé que la moitié du film "BARBARA". Je pouvais rester debout plus tard, mais j'ai arrêté le DVD.
J'ai généralement l'impression que les femmes occidentales sont fortes d'esprit, tenaces, agressives et opiniâtres à cause de ces films.
Une amie à moi qui parle allemand m’a dit la même chose et que bien que les femmes japonaises aussi soient fortes de nos jours, le caractère des femmes allemandes n'est pas le même. C'est au-delà de mon imagination.