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高校同窓会 2
2017-11-13 06:03


It was a little colder in Gifu Prefecture yesterday than in my region, but, for me, it was perfect, we walked without coats at first.
Our old high school teacher hadn't changed much. He and his wife welcomed us when we visited them on the way castle. It was nice of them to show us the inside of their house, even upstairs, because he remodeled it himself.
After sunset, the castle was illuminated and shone magnificently.
We walked a lot and very got tired, but it was an enjoyable day, and it made me feel like coming back again with them.

Il faisait beaucoup plus froid à Gunjou dans la préfecture de Gifu que dans ma région, mais pour moi c'était parfait. Les couleurs des feuilles d'automne étaient si vives, après le coucher du soleil, elles étaient illuminées et brillaient en face du château.
J’ai respiré profondément l'air frais qui me rafraîchissait en dehors de mon travail.
C’était une journée agréable qui m’a fait me sentir revivre.