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2018-04-18 05:09


We can’t live forever, we must say farewell to our loved ones someday. As they say, meeting is the first step to parting.
My friends are all fine, but my husband, who is 13 years older than me, sometimes feels some of his friends are not the same as they were when they were younger. I would like to make use of my time, so that I won’t have any regrets.
Tomorrow’s blog,
Almost every year, a family from Australia stays with us when they come to Japan. After they visit their relatives in Tokyo, they pass through Nagoya and Osaka to see their friends. Yesterday afternoon, three of them arrived, so we had dinner together, and chatted to catch up on what’s been happening. Come to think of it, we have been friends for about 30 years, as their two children are now in their late 20s. One of them gave my son a piggyback ride when we went to a dolphin park, because my 2-year-old son, at that time, had blisters from his new shoes.

Presque chaque année, une famille d'Australie séjourne chez nous quand ils viennent au Japon. Après avoir rendu visite à leurs parents à Tokyo, ils passent par Nagoya et Osaka pour voir leurs amis. Hier après-midi, trois d'entre eux sont venus, alors nous avons dîné ensemble et bavardé pour se tenir au courant des nouvelles. En y réfléchissant, nous sommes amis depuis environ 30 ans! Leurs deux enfants ont maintenant bientôt 30 ans. L'un d'eux a porté mon fils sur son dos quand nous sommes allés au parc Dolphin parce que mon fils de 2 ans à l'époque avait des ampoules à cause de ses nouvelles chaussures.