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2018-06-20 05:55


We never know what is going to happen to us tomorrow. Natural disasters are often unpredictable, so I just think of the people who had bad luck this time.
My mother would often say that “Today you, tomorrow me." She said that I had to prepare practically and mentally for natural disasters.
And I know I should use my time wisely, but in the evening I forget about it, and end up drinking beer and eating snacks instead.

Nous ne savons pas ce qui nous arrivera demain. Les catastrophes naturelles sont souvent imprévisibles, je pense juste aux gens qui ont eu de la malchance cette fois.
Ma mère dirait que "Aujourd'hui, toi, demain moi", nous ne devrions pas penser que de mauvaises choses vont nous arriver.
Pendant un moment je voudrais oublier tout ça, boire de la bière et manger des snacks.