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2018-08-15 05:39


The last two days we had summer afternoon showers, but it was still hot and muggy. The difference can be heard from the sounds from the trees as tsukutsukuboshi cicadas take their turns. They always indicate that early autumn is coming.
My father was able to survive this summer again and nowadays he is concerned about how much money he still has left. The other day I accompanied him to the bank, and helped him withdraw money. This week he would like to go to his other bank to confirm that his account still exists and see how much he has deposited there. As he lived longer than he expected, it is natural that his savings have diminished. A friend of mine said a similar thing that her parents used to be rich, but they have been spending a lot of money, and they probably would live at least another 10 years .

Les deux derniers jours, nous avons eu une averse l’après-midi, mais il faisait encore chaud et humide. La différence sont les sons qui viennent du bois, les cigales Meimuna Opalifera ont évidemment pris leur tour. Elles indiquent toujours que le début de l'automne arrive.
Mon père a pu survivre à cet été et de nos jours, il s’inquiète de la quantité d’argent qui lui reste. L'autre jour, je l'ai accompagné à la banque et je l'ai aidé à retirer de l'argent. Cette semaine, il aimerait que les différentes banques confirment que ses comptes existe toujours et lui disent combien il y a déposé. Comme il vit plus longtemps que prévu, il est naturel que son épargne diminue. Un de mes amis a dit la même chose. Ses parents étaient riches, mais ils ont déjà dépensé beaucoup d’argent et ils vivront probablement au moins encore 10 ans de plus.