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2019-01-04 16:10


There are a few outside cats which started living near my house recently. One of them was meowing at me when I was carrying food for him this morning. I was so happy to know that he finally had learned that I am the person who gives him food everyday.
The timid black and white cat rarely shows up during the day, because he is still cautious about having people around him. Besides, it is too dark, so I haven’t had any chances to take a photo of him yet.

Il y a quelques chats errants qui ont commencé à vivre près de chez moi récemment. L'un d'eux a miaulé de joie quand je lui ai apporté de la nourriture ce matin. J'étais tellement contente de savoir qu'il avait enfin compris que je suis une gentille personne qui lui donne à manger tous les jours.
Le chat timide noir et blanc apparaît rarement pendant la journée parce qu’il se méfie des personnes qui l’entourent. En outre, il fait trop sombre et je n’ai donc pas encore eu l’occasion de le prendre en photo.