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2019-04-09 06:30

Yesterday morning, I got up at 3:30, and, as soon as I finished my daily routine, I left for Nagoya. My son said I would arrive too early when I sent him a message just after I got on the train, but I thought it was better than being late. I am always nervous when I have to go to a new place alone, even if I have been there with someone before. The front door of the hospital was still locked as my son said, but soon a security guard let me in, and a cleaning lady in the lobby was kind enough to tell me that I could go directly to my son’s room on the fifth floor. Family is allowed to be there before an operation. An anesthesiologist, two nurses, and other staff came in and out, and, later, his doctor told me that he had sutured two damaged areas in my son's right meniscus.

Hier, je me suis levée à 3h 30, et dès que j’ai fini mes activités quotidiennes je suis partie pour Nagoya. La porte d'entrée de l'hôpital était encore fermée, mais un agent de sécurité m'a laissée entrer et une femme de ménage dans le hall d’entrée m’a dit que je pourrais entrer dans la chambre de mon fils directement au cinquième étage, car son opération allait bientôt commencer. Un anesthésiste, deux infirmières et d'autres membres du personnel lui ont rendu visite. Son médecin m'a ensuite expliqué les détails de son opération. Il a suturé deux endroits endommagés de son ménisque droit.