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2019-05-27 05:48

The other day, when I was going to wash my hands in the washroom at my language school, three young women occupied all the sinks.
One of them was fixing her makeup, one was brushing her hair, and the other was washing her hands. I was expecting that one of them would leave soon because they knew that I was waiting behind them. I thought the woman who was washing her hands was obsessed with cleanliness, as she let the water run, and rinsed her hands using soap again and again, as if they were still covered with microbes.
The three young girls seemed to be ignoring me. While I was waiting, and watching the young woman furiously scrubbing her hands, I thought about the young man in my town who died of mysophobia. Unfortunately, the skin on his hands become thin, and started bleeding. In the end, could not eat anything, as he thought everything was dirty.

L'autre jour, alors que j'allais me laver les mains dans les toilettes de mon école de langues, trois jeunes femmes occupaient tous les lavabos.
L'une d'entre elles était en train de se maquiller, une autre se peignait les cheveux et la dernière se lavait les mains. Je m'attendais à ce que l'une d'entre elles me cède bientôt sa place car elles savaient que j’attendais derrière elles. Je pensais que la femme qui se lavait les mains était obsédée par la propreté, car elle a laissé l'eau couler longtemps et s'est lavée les mains avec du savon encore et encore, comme si elles étaient toujours couvertes de microbes.
Les trois jeunes filles semblaient m'ignorer. Pendant que j'attendais la jeune femme qui se lavait les mains avec précaution, je me suis soudainement souvenue du jeune homme de ma ville mort de mysophobie.