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2019-06-08 05:44


My French teacher, who lives in Toulouse in France, gave me some presents recently. I received them from her husband when I drove my son to the clinic in Nagoya the other day. After her husband spent his vacation in France with her and their daughter, he came back to Japan. Then he was asked by his wife to pass them on to me. Because of the rain, the roads were crowded that day. My son and I got there in time, but my teacher's husband arrived there a little early, and waited for me.
He was telling me about his business, and that he had been visiting the clinic regularly, as some doctors and some other staff were taking his English lessons, and just then, one staff member (his student) happened to speak to him.

Ma professeur de français qui habite à Toulouse en France, m'a offert des cadeaux récemment. Je les ai reçus de son mari quand j'ai conduit mon fils à la clinique de Nagoya l'autre jour. Après que son mari a passé ses vacances en France avec elle et leur fille, il est rentré au Japon, puis sa femme lui a demandé de me les porter.
À cause de la pluie, les routes étaient encombrées ce jour-là. Mon fils et moi sommes arrivés juste à temps, mais il était arrivé un peu plus tôt et m'a attendue.
Il m'a parlé de son école là-bas, il a dit qu'il connaissait la clinique car il s’y rend régulièrement, parce que des médecins et d'autres membres du personnel suivent ses cours d'anglais. En fait, à un moment, un membre du personnel (son élève) lui a parlé.