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2019-08-28 05:39

A friend of mine has a sister who used to be a piano teacher for a long time. Her sister would often criticize a famous pianist, saying that she only won fame and popularity, because she was pretty, and knew how to promote herself, not because she was talented. Her sister didn’t think the pianist was great.
I think she said that out of jealousy, but we must admit that being beautiful in itself is a gift. We must admit that beautiful people can accomplish great things, as they are often very confident, which leads to great performances.

Une de mes amies a une soeur qui a été professeur de piano pendant longtemps. Sa sœur critiquait souvent une pianiste célèbre, disant qu’elle devait sa popularité à sa beauté et à la publicité, et non à son talent. Sa soeur ne pensait pas que la pianiste était douée.
Je pense qu'elle a dit ça sans jalousie, et que nous devons admettre que la beauté est un cadeau du ciel. Les belles personnes peuvent accomplir de grandes choses, car cela leur donne confiance en elles, ce qui engendre de grandes performances.