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2019-11-15 05:49

My husband often tells me not to eat snacks in front of him, or to not leave sweets on the table, as they always tempt him to eat. He is usually in good shape, and keeps his ideal weight, as long as he doesn’t eat extra junk food with me. Nowadays, my son says the same thing, and he asks me not to buy potato chips when I go to the supermarket with him, because he is concerned that the cashier will think he is the one who intends to eat them.

Mon mari me dit souvent de ne pas manger de snacks devant lui ni de laisser de friandises sur la table car cela excite sa gourmandise. Il est généralement en forme et garde son poids idéal tant qu’il ne mange pas de cochonneries avec moi. Aujourd'hui, mon fils dit la même chose et il me demande de ne pas acheter de snacks quand je vais au supermarché avec lui. Parce que le caissier pourrait penser que c’est pour lui.