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2020-01-19 05:41


The other day, when I was on the train, there was an announcement of the upcoming stops when suddenly it stopped in the middle of the announcement, and there was a break that lasted for over 30 seconds before restarting. The conductor must have been inattentive, as he seemed to forget which station would be the next stop. His mind must have gone blank. Nowadays, I can’t remember the name of many people, products or towns, as those nouns seem to have slipped my mind. I guess it's because of my age, not because I am absent-minded.

L'autre jour, quand j'étais dans le train, l'annonce s'est soudainement arrêtée en plein milieu, et il y a eu plus de 30 secondes de pause avant qu’elle ne continue.
Le contrôleur devait alors être inattentif, il semblait avoir oublié quelle gare serait la prochaine, il devait être dans la lune. De nos jours, il m’arrive de ne plus me souvenir du nom des gens, des produits, ou des villes. Ces noms me sortent de la tête, je suppose que c'est à cause de mon âge, pas parce que je suis distraite.