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2020-04-10 05:31


My brother-in-law came to see us yesterday afternoon. He and his wife have been living quietly since his printing business went bankrupt about two decades ago. They always try to avoid seeing his old friends and former employees. When his company was struggling, before it went bankrupt, I lent him a substantial amount of money, even though my husband told me it would be in vain. My brother-in-law asked me for money, not his brother, as he knew I would’t turn him down. As my husband had anticipated, his company failed to pay a bill soon after that, and they eventually went bankrupt. After they lost their business, they moved to the countryside, and they have been trying not to see people they knew, so this current state of affaires hasn’t greatly affected their lives so far!

Mon beau-frère est venu nous voir hier après-midi. Lui et sa femme vivent tranquillement depuis que son imprimerie a fait faillite il y a environ deux décennies. Ils essayent de ne plus voir leurs anciens amis ni leurs anciens employés. Même si mon mari m'a dit que mon argent serait en vain, je lui ai prêté un certain montant. Il m'a supplié moi, et non son frère, car il savait que je ne refuserais pas. Comme mon mari le prévoyait, son entreprise n'a pas pu payé une facture peu de temps après. Après la perte de son bien immobilier, ils ont déménagé à la campagne, et ils ont essayé de ne plus voir les gens qu'ils connaissaient, de sorte que leur situation actuelle n'affecte pas beaucoup leur vie.