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2020-06-05 05:03


As my husband likes to put flowers in his study, I sometimes decorate it by putting fresh flowers there for him. But, he is particular about the flower vases, so he changes the coffee bottle, which I often use, to a nice vase later on. He also prefers beautiful tableware to ordinary dishes. At dinner, he plates his food himself on the porcelain dishes which he has been collecting. I sometimes feel tired by this, because I don’t care about how the dishes look.

Comme mon mari aime mettre des fleurs dans son bureau, j'y mets parfois des fleurs fraîches pour lui. Mais il est pointilleux sur les vases, alors il remplace la bouteille de café, que j'utilise souvent, par un joli vase plus tard. Il préfère également la belle vaisselle aux plats ordinaires. Au dîner, il dispose lui-même sa nourriture sur des assiettes en porcelaine qu'il collectionne. Ça me fatigue parfois, car je me fiche de l'apparence des plats.