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2020-09-17 05:20


An American I know said that his monthly salary goes to his wifes bank account, and he gets some part of it. As his wife does most of the household work, even though she has a full-time job, he can spend his free time as he wants at home.

He seemed to take it for granted that it takes a few hours for her to clean the bathroom. She goes to the supermarket after work, which he really appreciates, as he doesnt like to go. When they go to restaurants, it is she who pays, which is typical in Japan, but I guess in the USA, it isnt the same.

Un Américain que je connais ma dit que son salaire mensuel allait sur le compte bancaire de sa femme et quil en recevait une partie.  Comme sa femme s'occupe de la plupart des travaux ménagers, même si elle a un travail à plein temps, il peut passer son temps libre comme il le veut à la maison.

 Il pense que cest naturel qu'elle  passe plusieurs heures à nettoyer la salle de bain. Elle va au supermarché après le travail, ce quil apprécie beaucoup, car il naime pas y aller.  Quand ils vont au restaurant, cest elle qui paie, ce qui est le style japonais typique, mais je suppose quaux États-Unis, ce nest pas le même cas.