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2020-11-11 05:20


The German language seemed esoteric to me before I started studying it.

Yesterday, I found my textbooks, which had been languishing in my drop-front writing desk upstairs, and I thought the contents were easy when I opened them. Besides, when I watched a German serial drama, I was able to pick up some words. I thought I could have spoken German fluently by this time, if I had worked harder, because its  already been three years since I took up it.


La langue allemande me semblait ésotérique avant.

 Hier, j'ai trouvé mes manuels dallemand dans mon bureau de travail à l'étage, et j'ai trouvé le contenu facile quand je les ai ouverts. De plus, quand j'ai regardé une série allemande, j'ai pu saisir quelques mots. Je pensais que jaurais déjà pu parler couramment lallemand maintenant si seulement javais étudié plus, car cela fait déjà trois ans que jai commencé.