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2017-02-27 07:53

I finally found it in the storehouse in our backyard right as it was getting dark.
It was sandwiched in between some wrapping paper. No wonder I couldn't catch sight of it.

Je l'ai finalement trouvé dans la réserve dans notre arrière-cour juste à la tombée de la nuit.
Il était pris en sandwich entre des papiers d'emballage. Pas étonnant que je ne puisse pas le voir.


My husband said he would like to do the crossword puzzle from today's Sunday edition, so I looked all over the house for today's newspaper. I thought my helper must have put it away with the old ones for recycling, so I called her to ask where it had been put, but she hasn't returned my phone call yet. I hate these moments when I'm not able to find something that I need right away.

Mon mari m'a dit qu'il avait besoin de l'édition du journal d'aujourd'hui qui a des mots croisés, donc je l'ai cherché partout dans la maison. Mon aide doit l'avoir mis de côté avec les anciens, mais elle n'a pas répondu à mon appel téléphonique. Je déteste ce moment où je ne peux pas trouver ce dont j'ai besoin tout de suite.
Don’t worry! 「あなたのお顔の眉毛の下にある二つの球体って何かしら?」Just say, ”My dear, don’t you have eyes? If you do, then, would you mind searching it by yourself ?” (^‿ ^) However, practically, it is very stressful to search something others has put away.
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I searched the whole house , but the edition was hidden in other wrapping paper and fliers. My employee didn't make sure it wasn't that day's paper.
Yes, it is really stressful if you can't find things you need right away.

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