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2017-03-30 04:56

Everybody says one of my neighbors has a successful life, as he got promoted in one of the Toyot
a spin-off companies.
Thanks to his substantial income, his wife didn't to need to work at all.
Recently, however, he said to my husband that his life was a failure, because his two daughters are still single and live with them, even though they are in their early 40's.
In Japan, some people like him, think that marriage is the most important thing, so he has no intention of letting them be independent.

Tout le monde dit qu'un de mes voisins a une vie réussie. Il a été promu dans une entreprise derivée de Toyota, son revenu est substantielle et sa jolie femme n'a jamais travaillé après leur mariage.
Récemment cependant, il a dit à mon mari que sa vie était un échec parce que ses deux filles sont toujours célibataires et vivent avec lui, même si elles sont dans leurs quarantaine.
Au Japon, certaines personnes comme lui pensent que le mariage est très important, il n'a aucune intention de les laisser être indépendantes.
It may be a universal trend.先進国では、In Italy, young people tend to live with their parent because of high unemployment rate and rent. Before World War II, Japanese were usually living with their parents and grand parents. In these days of economical depression, it is hard to be independent. And if girls’ fathers are very much talenty, socially successful and attractive, it is very difficult to find out ideal partners more attractive than their own fathers.

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I've heard that there are simpler cases in France too, because of financial reasons. Living together is not a bad thing, but some young people tend to rely on their parents too much, and in many ways. I know a 45-year-old woman who asks her mother to make her lunch for work and do the laundry everyday. It is easier for her to live with her parents than getting married.
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