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2017-04-18 07:50

(最近見ている”House of Cards"の一シーン)
Recently, I was told by one of the teachers at my language school that he would like to teach me more often, and that he had wanted to talked to me, but I have regular teachers there, and also I have private teachers, so I can't afford to spare any more time for lessons with him.
I have also received a few text messages which say that they yearn to have my lifestyle and my capacity for languages.
I know that they are idealizing me in both cases, but I must try hard in order to meet their expectations.

Récemment, un de mes professeurs de langue m'a dit qu'il aimerait m'enseigner plus souvent, mais j'ai des professeurs réguliers là-bas et j'ai aussi des enseignants privés, je ne peux pas me permettre de consacrer plus de temps pour mes leçons.
Dans le monde virtuel, j'ai également reçu quelques messages de gens qui disent qu'ils envient mon style de vie et mes capacités en langues étrangères.
Je pense qu'ils m'ont idéalisée dans les deux cas, je dois m'efforcer de répondre à leurs attentes.

Why “must”?  ねばならぬの罠。Your language ability is nothing to do with other people. If you want to learn foreigh languages, then do it! But you have no duty to learn it for “others”. I think you are workaholic like almost Japanese women.
Posted by motomasaong at 2017-04-18 08:44 | 編集
motomasaong さん、
Thank you for your opinion as usual, but the word "must " may not have been appropriate I should've used "will". I don't necessarily think it is a bad thing that other people's words influence my goal, even though I don't feel an obligation for it at all.
The man I met recently said that he was honoured to talk to me, what he said really made me happy, I felt encouraged by his praise.
So I would like to improve myself not to satisfy their expectations, but for myself.
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