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2017-11-27 06:03

I thought it was déjà vu when my son said that my computer was old, and he would help me choose a new one. Actually, at the end of last year, he said the same thing, but it took us a lot of time to renew our iPhones that day, so we ran out of time to find me a new computer. I can’t believe that it has been a year since then, and my desktop PC is still working. Nowadays, thanks to my iPad, I only need it when I do bookkeeping, but sooner or later I will need a new model. I can’t miss the chance to have my son help me with setting it up this time.

J’ai eu un sentiment de déjà vu quand mon fils m’a dit que mon ordinateur était démodé, et qu’il m'aiderait à en choisir un nouveau.
A la fin de l'année dernière, il a dit la même chose, mais ce jour-là il nous a fallu beaucoup de temps pour renouveler nos iPhones, donc nous avons manqué de temps pour le faire.
Je ne peux pas croire que ça fait déjà un an de ça, mais mon PC de bureau fonctionne toujours.
De nos jours grâce à mon iPad, j'en ai seulement besoin quand je fais la comptabilité. Mais tôt ou tard, j’aurai besoin d'un nouveau modèle. Je ne veux pas rater l’occasion que mon fils soit à la maison pour qu’il m'aide avec la configuration cette fois.

Young people are plastic. The more younger people are, the more alert and sharp their brains are! 老いては子に従え。Older people have a lot of experience, even if it is good or bad. Some learn through experience, others never learn anything. As social and technique change so quickly, adult must ask and learn from young generation.One must not be stubborn.
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I think older people tend to forget that they used to be like them and complain about their behaviors, the situation repeats forever.
My mother worried about my younger brother until she passed away, and my father who still thinks he is the boss in the family gives us lectures.
I will try not to be like them, besides my son lives alone, he only comes back home when he has to help his father. I am glad that he is almost independent and cares about us.
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