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2018-02-16 05:54


Maybe I should go to bed early tonight. Because of my sleepiness, I didn’t notice that I was looking up German words in my English dictionary. yesterday evening. And the other day, I also wondered why I couldn’t find a word using a German dictionary to look up a French word.
In my German lesson yesterday, my teacher asked me who my favorite composer was, so I said Beethoven without hesitation. Then he asked me why I like Beethoven, how his music impresses me, what Beethoven’s music is like, and so on. I was relieved that I was able to answer all the questions in German.

Peut-être que je devrais aller me coucher plus tôt que d’habitude aujourd'hui. À cause de ma somnolence, je n'ai pas remarqué que je cherchais un mot allemand dans mon dictionnaire d’anglais hier soir. Et l'autre jour aussi je me suis demandée pourquoi je ne pouvais pas trouver un mot, en utilisant un dictionnaire allemand pour chercher un mot français.
Pendant la leçon d'allemand d'hier, mon professer m'a demandé qui était mon compositeur préféré, alors j'ai répondu Beethoven sans hésitation. Puis il m'a demandé pourquoi j’aimais Beethoven, qu’est-ce que sa musique me faisait ressentir, comment était sa musique, et ainsi de suite. J'ai été soulagée car j’ai pu répondre à toutes ses questions en allemand.


Good Job,eh? お見事! It is very difficult to express self opinion in foreign languages. Especially when people are talking with native speaker about the culture or artworks of the own contry. By the way, chocolate is very tasty. However, eating too much chocolate may make people obese. In my case, a lot of chocolate causes me diarrhea.
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My German level is quite low, so I don’t need to be overly concerned with grammatical details. I am sure that my teacher doesn’t expect me speak it fluently, As long as I try to talk about a certain subject, he helps by giving me the words I would like to use. I am enjoying learning German, that is important for him.
Chocolates cause diarrhea? They have never had that effect on me! My problem is that I lose my appetite after I eat chocolates and therefore don’t eat healthy food.
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