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Yesterday afternoon, my nephew called me for the first time in a long time to tell me that his father (my brother) is not in critical condition, but he won’t be able to come back from the hospital for a few weeks. He has started to feel stressed with my father after taking care of him on behalf of my brother.
My father’s house is renovated, it has handrails everywhere, and a central heating system, even the bath room is warm all the time.
I told my nephew I will be able to take care of my father at my house after I have my house renovated, but he just wanted to say that he needed my consent so that he could send my father to a nursing home. I took care of my in-laws for a long time, but I didn’t have the slightest idea of sending them to that kind of facility.

Hier après-midi, mon neveu m'a appelé pour la première fois pour me dire que son père (mon frère) n’était pas dans un état critique, mais qu'il ne pourra pas sortir de l'hôpital avant quelques semaines. Il a commencé à se sentir stressé avec mon père en prenant soin de lui à la place de mon frère.
La maison de mon père est rénovée, avec des mains courantes partout et le système de chauffage central, même la salle de bain est chaude tout le temps.
J'ai dit à mon neveu que je pourrai prendre soin de mon père chez moi après la rénovation de ma maison, mais il voulait simplement dire qu'il avait besoin de mon consentement pour envoyer mon père dans une maison de retraite. Je me suis occupée de mes beaux-parents pendant longtemps, mais je n'ai jamais eu l’idée de les envoyer dans ce type d'établissement.

It is a difficult dicision,but・・・・・・.現実的に対処してください。Some people are living far from their home apart from the parents as some parents do want to live in their home contries. If you can handle all the situation, then you take care of your relatives and father by yourself. However, as your nephiew is in a difficult condition, if it is necessary, using day care or something not eternally but transiently might be a clever resolution.
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 我が母も 地震の影響で 一人暮らしから 
 切ない状態になり 今は 大阪妹が 面倒 見ています、 

 遠いし 私の状態では 行かれません、
 妹には 頭が 上がりません、
 同じ母の娘!と 言う事で かんべんして 貰います、

 どうぞ お大事に なさって下さい、 
 お父さま と 弟さま もですが 
  ReikoJanvier さまも お元気で!

 いつもありがとうございます  たか
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My father still has a good memory and knows about the world. In many nursing homes, there aren’t many old people who can talk to my father, that is the main reason he doesn’t want to go there.
And, out of vanity, he refuses to go, because he wants to say to people that his children have been taking care of him, and he is not alone.
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