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2018-04-16 05:04


All my husband’s brother and sisters got together yesterday afternoon. As my husband’s older brother who drank a lot passed away a few years ago, the gathering was a little different. My sisters-in-law gave up alcohol recently, so only one brother-in-law drank with me and my husband. All of them talked a lot, but I was rather taciturn and kept on eating and drinking. My husband reserved the table at a restaurant a month ago and said he would like me to go there even though it was a reunion of his siblings. Before they went to hot springs together sometimes, but my husband never asked me if I would like to join them in those days.

Tous les frères et soeurs de mon mari se sont réunis hier après-midi. Comme le frère aîné de mon mari, qui buvait beaucoup, est décédé il y a quelques années, le rassemblement était un peu différent. Mes belles-soeurs ont récemment cessé de boire de l'alcool, donc mon mari et moi n'avions comme compagnon de boisson qu'un seul beau-frère! Tous parlaient beaucoup, moi j'étais plutôt taciturne tout le temps et continuais à manger et à boire. Mon mari avait réservé la table dans un restaurant il y a un mois et m'avait dit qu'il aimerait que j'y aille même si c'était une réunion de ses frères et soeurs à lui. Avant, ils allaient parfois dans des stations thermales ensemble, mais mon mari ne m'avait jamais demandé alors si je voulais les rejoindre.

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It is sometimes a difficult task to eat with one's own brother and sister. う~ん……。Unfortunately, my younger brother resembles his father and monter,but I do not. I have never had lucnch or dinner with him for his temper. I have always tried to separate my wife and son from my brother and father. It is a pity that one can not change others' character.
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I think that all families have their problems. 
I’m sorry about issues, you’re saying that your brother and father have a bad temper?
For me when my husband’s family gets together I always feel left out. They are all lovely people, but I don’t really feel part of the family.
Thank you always for your comments.

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