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2018-04-29 05:45

My son’s former piano teacher visited me with her family, and asked how my son has been doing.
She was a very unique teacher, who liked teaching pop songs to her students, unlike traditional piano teachers. In piano school, teachers usually follow the classic method, then some students get tired of practicing old music. It is important to learn the basic skills, but they should also attract small children. My son was lucky, thanks to her, he never wanted to quit piano. Now her children go to elementary school, and she has gotten back to work. My son may be able to play jazz with her soon.

L'ancienne professeur de piano de mon fils m'a rendu visite avec sa famille et m'a demandé comment allait mon fils.
C'était une enseignante assez unique qui aimait enseigner des chansons pop à ses élèves contrairement aux professeurs de piano traditionnels. Dans les écoles de piano, les professeurs suivent généralement la méthode classique, alors parfois certains élèves sont fatigués de toujours jouer d'anciens morceaux. Il est important d'apprendre les compétences de base, mais il faut aussi réussir à intéresser les jeunes apprenants. Mon fils a eu de la chance, grâce à elle, il n'a jamais voulu arrêter le piano. Maintenant ses enfants vont à l'école primaire, donc elle est retournée à son lieu de travail. Mon fils pourrait peut-être jouer du jazz avec elle bientôt.


I believe the most important thing is continueing for everything, hobbies, jobs, playing. Teaching pop music was good thing keeping for your son from being bored.I envy your family. I and my children have a lot of hobbies however we haven't continued. なんにしても継続することが一番大事だと思います。
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They say that “practice makes perfect."; but continuing one thing is not that easy, as it is hard to find free time even though we want to practice or study something. As for myself there were many periods when I had to give up my hobbies because of my in-laws and my son, but now I still find myself wanting to learn languages and piano. Lets’s keep up our motivation and encourage each other.

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