英語とフランス語、ドイツ語を勉強中。ピアノは子供の頃習っていました。ブログの名前は“Le Petit Prince 星の王子さま”より。

2018-05-04 05:40

When my son was small, my husband would decorate the house with a “Gogatsu-ningyo" (a Japanese warrior doll) every year in mid April, and after “Children’s Day"( it used to be called the Boys’ Festival) he put them back in the closet. It was also a hassle for him to put up “carp streamers” every year from early April. My father bought them for my son, and he spent a lot of money on them, but my husband had to put them up after work.
Now we don't celebrate the May Golden Week holidays, actually, we even forget that there are festivities around this time of year.
Quand mon fils était petit, mon mari décorait la maison avec une «Gogatsu-ningyo» ou poupée guerrière japonaise, chaque année à la mi-avril, et après «le jour des enfants» il la remettait dans le placard. C'était aussi un souci pour lui de mettre en place des manches à air, ou banderoles en forme de carpe koï tous les jours. Mon père les avait achetées pour mon fils et a donc dépensé beaucoup d'argent, mais ça faisait pour mon mari une tâche supplémentaire après son travail.
Maintenant que notre fils est grand, nous oublions même les festivités autour de cette période de l'année.


It is a pleasure to see children become independent.But……
子供もいつか大人になる。It is also sad to know the children are now independent and need little help from the parents. My son has pass the entrance exam of a university after a year of extra study. My wife and I are happy, however, I found that he does not need parents' help like before.
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Congratulations on your son passing the entrance exam. You must be relieved as he now has become a university student.
It is true that we have mixed feelings when our children get older, we feel happy and lonely at the same time.
Let‘s wish our children a happy future.

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