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2018-05-16 05:40


It is becoming hot, but it is still comfortable to walk outside. My French teacher said that her skin had recently gotten a little red from too much sun. As for myself, I get tan easily. My skin turns dark almost immediately. I had to spend a lot of time taking care of our garden when I was younger, so the tan I got in those days still marks my skin.
A friend of mine who got married to a Caucasian man said to me that she hated going boating. While she was dating him, she pretended that she enjoyed it, as boating was her fiancé’s pastime, but she stopped going with him later.
Unlike me, she was able to stay indoors, and keep her skin looking beautiful.

Il commence à faire chaud dehors, mais il est toujours agréable de marcher à l’extérieur. Mon professeur de français m’a dit que sa peau s'était un peu rougie. Quant à moi, je bronze facilement, ma peau devient foncée immédiatement. J'ai dû passer beaucoup de temps à prendre soin du jardin quand j'étais plus jeune, le bronzage que j'ai eu à cette époque marque toujours ma peau.
Une de mes amies qui s'est mariée avec un occidental de type caucasien m'a dit qu'elle détestait faire du canot. Pendant qu'elle sortait avec lui avant leur mariage, elle prétendait qu'elle appréciait d’en faire car c’était le passe-temps de son fiancé, mais elle a cessé d'aller en faire avec lui plus tard.
Contrairement à moi, elle a pu rester à l'intérieur et garder une belle peau jusqu'à maintenant


Sun beam damages DNA and increases melanocytes.紫外線はお肌の大敵です。UV exposure could cause skin inflamation, induce melanocytes to protect the skin, and cause even skin cancer after long years. To keep your skin white and healthy, you should aboid taking direct sunlight.
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I know that I should use sunscreen, but when I put it on my skin I feel itchy, so I haven’t used it for ages; naturally my skin, especially my neck, is always tanned.
When it is hot and humid, we pay attention to the ultraviolet rays, but we tend to forget how strong the sunshine is when the air is cool and fresh.
On average, I drive my car for over an hour, and help my father take a walk outside for 30 minutes ever other day. I am afraid it is difficult for me to avoid ultraviolet rays.

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