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2018-05-17 05:58


Yesterday, when I had my French lesson at my house, a friend of mine and his son came to see me with their American friend,LES. who never fails to visit me when he comes to Japan.
At the same time, a saleswoman brought a pair of shoes to show me. She said they are in fashion this year. I asked her to drive my French teacher to the station because my French lesson was over. I didn’t even study much.
After all of them finally left, I had a lot of things to do, like visiting my accountant and my father. Before I knew it, it was already evening.

Hier, quand j’avais une leçon de français chez moi, un de mes amis et son fils sont venus me voir avec leur ami américain(Les) qui ne manque jamais de me rendre visite quand il vient au Japon.
En attendant, une vendeuse m'a apporté une paire de chaussures pour me montrer celles qui sont populaires cette année. Je lui ai demandé de conduire mon professeur de français à la gare parce que l'heure de ma leçon de français était terminée.
Quand tout le monde est parti, j'avais beaucoup de choses à faire, comme rendre visite à mon comptable, à mon père, et avant que je ne m’en rende compte, c'était déjà le soir.

Congratulations! 聡明なる日本女性の誇り、Reiko Janvier! So, now you are famous among western world! It is ineresting to see, busy people are usually studying and working hard. However, people who have a lot of time seldom study or work hard. Hard workers become smarter and smarter day by day. But, lazy people become more and more ignorant and poor year by year.
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They say that if you have something to ask, you should ask a busy person. People who have a lot of time tend to procrastinate on things, but busy people try to find time, and finish quickly. I may be the latter, as I always enjoy having people at my house, even though I am busy.
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NEccoSun さん、
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