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2018-05-18 05:40



It has been just one year since I took up German. I started taking German lessons on May 18th last year. Although I had a 6-week break from lessons during the year, and I sometimes had to cancel lessons because of my work, I already feel like an old pro.
Yesterday, my German teacher corrected the sentences which I wrote down before my lessons. I am going to paste them on today’s entry so I can remember them.

Ça fait juste un an que j'ai commencé à prendre des cours d'allemand le 18 mai l’année dernière. Bien que j'ai eu 6 semaines de pause en 12 mois, et que j'ai parfois dû annuler des leçons à cause de mon travail, je me sens comme une vieille apprenante.
Comme mon professeur d'allemand a corrigé les phrases que j'avais écrites avant mes leçons, je vais les coller sur mon entrée de blog aujourd'hui comme souvenir.

Mein erster Unterricht an meiner Sprachschule war am 18. Mai letzten Jahres.
Es ist ein Jahr her, dass ich angefangen habe, Deutsch zu lernen. Ich habe leider noch nicht so viel gelernt , aber ich habe den Unterricht genossen.

Long, long time ago,今は昔となりにけり。I have taken Deutsch as a second language. However, I have forgotten almost all the german words. I can say just,"Ich kann nicht Deutsch sprachen!" On the contrary, I speak a little bit spanish and portugase as it has been necessary for my work. Necessity is, I think, a mother of learning.
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I understand you also know French. not to mention English, you must have a talent for languages.
In my case, I don’t need them in daily life, but whenever I learn new words I fell happy because I feel I could improve myself. Besides it is interesting to know other cultures through studying new languages.
By the way, I like the axiom “necessity is the mother of invention”

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