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My husband has asked me to go to the watch shop in the department store where he bought his wristwatch long ago. He takes good care of his belongings. The beautiful watch has a sapphire face, but it needs servicing occasionally. I lost my precious watch over 15 years ago. It was decorated with diamonds and the band was also covered in small diamonds. The price was almost the same as my German car. For a long time, I had forgotten about it, but I remember it now, because I went to the shop yesterday, and they asked me if I wanted to have it serviced.

Mon mari m'a demandé d'aller au magasin de montres du grand magasin où il a acheté la sienne il y a longtemps. Il prend bien soin de ses affaires. Sa belle montre est décorée de saphir, mais elle a besoin d'être révisée de temps en temps.
J'ai perdu ma précieuse montre il y a plus de 15 ans, qui était décorée de diamants et tout le bracelet était également couvert de petits diamants. Le prix était presque le même que celui de ma voiture allemande. Je l'avais oubliée depuis longtemps, mais je m'en souviens maintenant, parce que je suis allée au magasin hier, et ils m'ont demandé si je voulais la faire réviser.

Auf dem Wege zur Schule ich meinen Französischlehrer und seine Frau, die im neunten Monat schwanger ist. Sie lächelte nach an und sah glücklich aus. Ich kann es kaum erwarten ihr Baby zu sehen.

People keep watching what is very important for them.気がないと無くしますね。I have lost my train commuter passes 3 or 4times. I think that the watch is so valuable for your husband.
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I think I am personally responsible for my lack of attentiveness.
I am scatterbrained, I tend to think of the next thing I must do, so that is why I lose things, even though they are precious for me.
People around me try to cheer me up by saying that I am too busy to concentrate on just one thing.
I think responsibility for our attentiveness lies with the individual.
I am scatterbrained, I have a tendency to think of the next thing I must do, that is why I lose things even though they are precious to me.
Family and friends lend me support by saying that I am too busy to only concentrate on one thing.

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