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2018-07-06 05:18


One of my cats loves being outside, she comes back home only to eat and sleep. She tries to draw my attention, and lies down near my feet, as she likes to be petted by me over and over again. After she is satisfied, she leaves again. Until recently, I was often worried about her, as I was not able to find her anywhere. It took me one year to get to know her habits, and she has become my favorite cat.

Une de mes chattes adore être dehors, elle revient à la maison seulement pour manger et dormir. Elle a besoin d'attirer mon attention et se couche à mes pieds car elle aime quand je la caresse encore et encore. Une fois satisfaite, elle repart. Jusqu'à récemment, j'étais souvent inquiète pour elle car je ne la trouvais nulle part, il m'a fallu un an pour connaître ses habitudes et maintenant elle est devenue ma chatte préférée.

Heute morgen habe ich bemerkt, dass ich zugenommen habe. Ich habe die gleiche Größe seit über 40 Jahren getragen.
Ich war nur ein bisschen mollig, als ich in der Mittelschule war und als ich vor ungefähr 24 Jahren schwanger wurde.
Ich habe nicht die Absicht, jede Nacht mit dem Biertrinken aufzuhören, und solange ich meine aktuellen Kleider tragen kann, will ich meine Essgewohnheiten nicht ändern.


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I had a cute cat, name is MIMI.
She was gone to the heaven when she was 17 years old.
She was like real my daughter.
( I have 2 sons, but no daughter )

Cat is selfish compare with dog.
She wants to have physical contact with me when she wants.
She always waits in front of door when I back to my home.
Maybe she knows my foot noise.

I had to feed & her body care.
She dislike bath & dry her long hair use hair Dryer.

After take a bath, she looks very funny.
It’ s looks really same as ET movie.
Her volume is about 1/4 compare her dry body.

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Thank you for your comment, and nice story.
We have another cat like your late cat, she never fails to greet my husband at the house entrance.
I am glad to know you are a cat lover as well.
(Sorry for my short reply, but I will write to you again later.)

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So you have two sons, I understand that your cat felt like your daughter. I didn’t have a child for a long time after I got married, but we had many cats and dogs, I treated them as if they were my children.
Unfortunately they don’t outlive us, so we have to say goodbye at sometime.
By the way I only have a son who is still a University student.

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