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2018-07-09 05:55


One of my distant relatives quit coming to see me a few weeks ago. She used to help me with chores every week, and always chatted with me.
Recently, she had to have her car inspected, which prompted her to give up driving. Considering her age, 84 years old, it was a good decision, as paying the service fee wasn't as important as her safety.
She looked a little sad when she came to my house by car the last time, but I have been trying to write a handwritten letter to her every time I think of her. She called me this morning, and her voice was joyful, saying that she would come to see me with one of her daughters this afternoon. Her son and two daughter have been very nice to me, and showed me their appreciation when I went to their father’s funeral. Also, I have been a friend of their lonely mother who has lost her spouse, and is separated from all her children now.

Une de mes proches a arrêté de venir me voir il y a quelques semaines. Avant, elle m’aidait à faire de petites tâches chaque semaine et elle discutait avec moi.
Récemment, elle a dû faire réviser sa voiture, ce qui l'a incitée à abandonner la conduite. Compte tenu de son âge, 84 ans, c'était une bonne décision, car ça ne vaut pas le coût de payer la facture pour quelque chose qui met en cause sa sécurité.
Elle avait l'air un peu triste quand elle est venue chez moi en voiture la dernière fois, mais j’essaye de lui écrire une lettre à chaque fois que je pense à elle. Elle m'a appelé ce matin, sa voix était joyeuse, elle me disait qu'elle viendrait me voir avec une de ses filles cet après-midi. Son fils et ses deux filles ont toujours été très gentils avec moi et m'ont montré leur gratitude quand je suis allée aux funérailles de leur père. Et puis je suis une amie de leur mère qui s’ennuie depuis qu’elle a perdu son époux et qu’elle vit séparée de ses enfants à présent.

What can we do? 何も……。It is a pity that old people have to live alone recent days. Even if they have children, some are living alone. And in the future, as too many people are not married, there would be so many who have nobody to take care.

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I have been visiting my father every other day for over 4 years. To be honest ,it is a burden for me, but my brother has not been well, and his wife ignores my father even though they live next to his house.
As long as my father asks me to help him, I will continue spending time with him. I am not going to ask my son to do the same thing for me, as I don’t want him to dislike me. The woman who often came to my place is lucky as her two daughters visit her constantly. She really liked to come and see me every Tuesday, so it was a shame that she had to stop.

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