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On weekends I am busy, so I can only feel relaxed on Mondays. Yesterday afternoon, I went to a department store in Nagoya, as my husband asked me to collect his wristwatch, which he had repaired. I wanted to buy presents for two babies, (neither of them have been born yet, but their due dates are close), and a present for a girl I know who is going to perform at a ballet recital, so the shopping was good timing.
After I came back home, I did my German homework before dinner, and played a piece by Brahms on the piano. It was a good afternoon, until my son texted me that he has a problem with his knee, and he is on medication. His doctor still hasn’t been able to find the cause. My son is very thin nowadays, but I told him that he still should not strain his leg.

Les weekends je suis occupée, je peux seulement me sentir détendue le lundi. Hier après-midi, je suis allée dans un grand magasin à Nagoya, car mon mari m’avait demandé de récupérer sa montre-bracelet qu'il a fait réparer. Je voulais justement acheter des cadeaux pour la naissance de deux bébés (ils ne sont pas encore nés mais leurs termes sont proches) et un cadeau pour une fille qui montera sur scène pour un récital de ballet, donc c'était le bon moment .
Après être rentrée chez moi, j'ai fini mes devoirs d'allemand avant le dîner et joué un morceau de Brahms au piano pendant un moment. C'était une bonne après-midi jusqu'à ce que mon fils m'envoie un message pour me dire qu'il avait un problème au genou et qu'il prenait des médicaments pour ça. Son médecin n'a toujours pas réussi à en trouver la cause. Mon fils est très mince de nos jours, mais quand même je lui ai dit qu'il devrait essayer de ne pas appliquer de pression sur sa jambe.

Idiopathic arthritis is diagnosed by blood test and joint ffindings.つまりリウマチは否定的かな? Bone tumor is easily diagnosed through x ray film. If your son had serious joint disease,some typical symptoms and signs, it is easy to diagnose. Aboid doing sports and take a rest for a few weeks. Then, if knee pain persisted, see the orthopeditian again. Take care! By the way, mixed feeding is recommended recentdays. Father and grand father and grand mother can not give mother milk. However, if mothers choose mixed feeding, father or other people help nursing babies that makes mothers take enough rest and help producing a lot of rich mother milk.
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The idea of “ mixed feeling “is interesting. If Mother is happy she can make good milk!
And thank you for your advice. My son is self-contained. He doesn’t ask people around him if they know the condition. The message he has sent me recently made me feel a little worried.

The idea of “ mixed feeding “is interesting. If a Mother is happy she can produce good milk!
And thank you for your advice. My son is very self-contained. He doesn’t like to ask people around him if they know about the condition. The message he sent me recently made me feel a little worried.
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