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2011-01-19 18:05

I feel like it has been a week, but it has only been 2 days since we took our last bath.
Finally a new boiler arrived at the shop, and fortunately one of my acquaintances works at the shop, so he brought it to us earlier than planned,because he thought we needed it in this clod weather.

The repairman was waiting for me near the entrance holding my cat, he seemed to like cats, stroking her fur and acting as if they could communicate. I got back home 30 minutes earier than the time he was supposed to come, but I apologized and appreciated his kindness.

Again he said that he could not help coming here as soon as possible since he thought of us not having available hot water. It must had been inconvenient for him. It was a nice to know that there are still some warmhearted people in the world.