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2011-01-27 16:14

I thought that conductors in the orchestra were usually tall handsome men,but my piano teacher said that it wasn't always true.
They not only have to be knowledgeable about music, but they should have leadership and charisma as well.
She added that my son is a suitable choice and that the school made a good decision.
Since she usually criticizes and speaks of others sarcastically,I was glad that she flattered my son.

I hope he and his classmates will have a good performance in Australia when they go there on a school excursion in February.
And I also hope that the tour arouses his interest in studying English.
He will have to make a short speech as a representative of the group in English anyway.

But this month two of his schoolmates are leaving soon for New Zealand to study for three years,it means they are supposed to spend their high school days there.
I admire their courage.
Compared with them, a 10 day trip including a homestay experience is relatively nothing.