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2011-01-28 23:20

I've received a mail from a woman who works at the Japan Times news company.
She is writing a caption for the Japan Times about my adopting Hana.
She has to send it in very soon but she realized she didn't know where I lived and wanted me to give her some general information.

She also said "Thank you and thank you very, very much for giving Hana a home!!".
Unfortunately Hana's eyes were red in the photo which I sent her recently,so she would like me to try again so she can put it in the paper.

I don't know how I can take a good photo without making her eyes look red.I also took pictures of her outside so that I didn't need a flash, but Hana was distracted by my cats.
I haven't been able to send her a good one, so they may not write about Hana.