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42km.の ウォーキング
2011-02-11 11:40

While I was walking the 42 kilometer course,I did not think of anything and kept on walking mindlessly until when I finally looked back to make sure if my son and his partners were able to follow me.

Around noon,I passed the Shinto shrine( Atsuta Jingu) and at 12:30,I got to the destination,Nagoya castle.
My son also reached there shortly after me.
I took a few photos of him and his peers as usual.
I did not think the second half of the course was terribly tough.
Some of his schoolmates ran all the way, especially those who train themselves in sports clubs.
They preferred to run, and their reward was that they could go back home as soon as they got back to school.

Although I was not able return to this town by 4 o'clock like those energetic young students,I walked the whole course in 8 hours.
But if I did not take a 20 minute break at Nagoya castle or chat with the people who were standing at many spots to cheer for students each time or help my son's senior student who was going to collapse because of a muscle cramp,I think I could've gotten back earlier.