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2011-02-15 21:12

When I decided to take up piano after a long break,(I hadn't played it since my high school days) I visited one of my neighbors who taught piano at her parents house.

Then when she took time off after she had birth,I started going to Yamaha music school,where I still take lessons occasionally.
In the meantime my old teacher made a comeback.

Well,I'm fortunate enough now to have three piano teachers.
The other one used to be my son's teacher, but my son can't get up Sunday morning when she comes to my house to give him a lesson,so every Sunday morning I sit in front of the piano instead.

In a sense,it is difficult for me to change finger order and rendition,because I'm not talented enough to adjust to all their advice.

Anyway I've been practicing the same piece with my three teachers in order to upload my performance on the Internet in a few months.