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2011-02-20 15:59

One of my piano teachers lost her first husband many years ago.
He died in a car accident while he was driving.
Since they did not have any children,it did not take long for her to get remarried.

At first she lived in the second story of her new husband's parents house.
They remodeled the house for the young couple,but she did not feel comfortable as she was obsessed with the idea that her in-laws always observed her.

Then in an year, she and her husband left the house and moved to a deluxe apartment.
At that time I remember that she said that she was finally able to feel at peace,and her skin allergy (atopic dermatitis) was getting better thanks to less stress.

But just recently,she said that she would have to find extra part time work and they had already moved to a smaller apartment because her husband's business has been sluggish.
I did not know how to encourage her.