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2011-02-25 14:57

It was a coincidence that a mother spoke to me without knowing that I was her son's roommate's mother.

While we were chatting for their departure in the waiting room,she said something about her son's roommate being very reliable.

When the school decided the schedule of the trip and their roommates for a hotel in Melbourne,her son had told her that he was very lucky to have been paired with the boy because he always turns to him and as a result,he would be able to go to Australia without anxiety.

Then our mutual friend joined us and said that the person who she had been talking about was my son.
We were very surprised,and glad to get to know each other.

I remembered that my son said that his roommate was a bit immature,but I thought he was still child in a sense when he said that sometime ago.

At the airport we just hoped they would have a safe 10 day trip.