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2011-03-04 20:04

My son often complains about my habit of recording a lot of English and French education programs on TV.
Although each one lasts only 15 to, at most, 30 minutes,
I have recorded so many programs this year, that the memory is running out.

Now I'm under the pressure since I have to delete some of them.
During his trip, I've been trying to watch a few everyday as I haven't needed to cook for him, so I have had time for it.

Yesterday,one professor,who is in his 60s, was explaining the novel "Pride and Prejudice" written by Jane Austin.

At the end of the program he was asked by his beautiful assistant to play the piano in the memorial room where the author actually lived in England.
I was so impressed by his performance because I had never imagined that the stern-looking professor could play the piano so elegantly.