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2011-03-07 14:13

One of our employees told us that he would be leaving his job here in May when his contract finishes.
He thought It would be a problem if he had not told me in advance,but he did not say anything about the real reason why he wanted to quit.

I told him that I wanted him to continue working with a new contract,since he was competent and we relied on him.
He insinuated that one of our other employees was very bossy,often even bellowing at him, and he is tired of dealing with him.

On the other hand the man he complained about is always very polite to me, seemingly gentle and mild-mannered.
I finally got the picture as to why he broached the subject.
I only told him that there are some people who only feign being nice with their employer or their favorite people, but I didn't try to dissuade him from quitting.
Because his pride is hurt and now he is down about the other employee, I thought it might be better for him to leave.