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When my son was recovering from his knee surgery last summer, he said to me that I should make more time for myself, rather than spending time on him. He said he could cook, and do the laundry himself. I was happy to hear it, and I thought he had become independent. When I was sick at the end of last year, he went to the supermarket to buy me some sports drinks and nourishing food, and told me to make sure to get some rest. On the day before my birthday, he came back from his short trip just to say happy birthday. My son usually speaks in sharp tones, but I know he is warmhearted. Unfortunately, he is not an adaptable person in social situations, which is a source of anxiety for me.

Quand mon fils se remettait de son opération du genou l'été dernier, il m'a dit que je devrais prendre plus de temps pour moi plutôt que de le passer à s’occuper de lui. Il a dit qu'il pouvait cuisiner et faire la lessive lui-même. J'étais contente de l'entendre dire cela et j’ai pensé qu'il était maintenant devenu indépendant. Quand j'étais malade à la fin de l'année dernière, il est allé au supermarché pour m'acheter des boissons énergétiques et des aliments nourrissants, et m'a dit de vraiment me reposer. La veille de mon anniversaire, il est revenu de sa petite excursion juste pour me fêter un joyeux anniversaire. Mon fils parle généralement d'un ton vif, mais je sais qu'il est chaleureux au fond. Malheureusement, il n'est pas une personne qui s’adapte facilement aux différentes situations sociales, ce qui est une source d'anxiété pour moi.
Youth change, so does the social situation.
The form of affection expressed will change, but the affection between parent and child will not change. Worrying more than necessary is bad for your body.
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I try not to think of the problem, but he has become like a cocoon. When I use that word with native English speakers, they don’t understand, but “recluse“ is also not suitable to express “Hiki Komori’”. He only speaks to me using as few words as possible. Anyway, thank you for thinking of my health.
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