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2011-03-31 20:39

One day,a friend of mine said that I was always prepared to greet unexpected visitors.
Because I was wearing makeup whenever she visited me even though it was early in the morning or on weekends.

Most of my friends still come to see me without calling me like her,as it is a Japanese custom or they tend to think that I usually stay home.
And the other reason I guess is that if they tell me the time when they want to come,I may say I will be busy,or they don't want to bother me when I'm cleaning.

Anyway,it is true that I am always on my toes and ready to answer the door and never fail to welcome them.
On the other hand my friend often says she is ill in bed, most of time because of headaches.

To be honest, I sometimes feel envious of my friends who can have a nap,though.