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Hunting is a cat's instinct. One of my cats especially likes to chase sparrows. Hes always lying in the grass watching them when the weather is fine.

His attempts are often unsuccessful, but there were times in the past when some poor sparrows lost their lives after being caught by him.

In those cases, my cat came out to show me his catch, meowing more loudly. The cat used to be a stray, but he began to trust me, and now I think I am his owner. Even though I felt sorry for the sparrows, I couldn't blame him at those moments. He has grown old now, but he still enjoys watching birds. Now that the rainy season is over, he hides in the grass and tries to catch birds everyday


La chasse est l'instinct du chat.  Un de mes chats aime particulièrement chasser les moineaux, il est toujours allongé dans l'herbe en les regardant quand il fait beau.

 Ses tentatives échouent souvent, mais il y a eu des moments dans le passé où certains pauvres moineaux ont perdu la vie après quil les a attrapés.

 Dans ces cas, mon chat est apparu pour me montrer sa proie, miaulant plus fort que dhabitude.  C’était un chat errant, mais il a commencé à me faire confiance, et maintenant je pense que je suis son maître. Même si je me sentais désolée pour les moineaux, je ne pouvais pas le blâmer alors. Il a vieilli maintenant, mais il aime toujours observer les oiseaux.  Maintenant que la saison des pluies est terminée, il se cache dans l'herbe et cherche à attraper des oiseaux tous les jours

おはよう One of my cats caught a sparrow yesterday, fortunately just as he was about to ‘play’ with it, the bird flew out of his grasp
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Hello Alex,
I know you have two cats. I guess they also like being outside just like my cats. I hope the sparrow has not gotten hurt, at the same time I am sorry for your cat, as his game got away.
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NEccoSun さん、
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